Food and wine enthusiasts always see foie gras, charcuterie boards, and fine cheese the best friends to wine, but who has time to make them after a stressful day? Worry not! Here are some quick-and-easy comfort foods you can pair with a bottle of wine that should best conclude a hectic workday:

#1 PB&J with Cheetos

You can pair this with a sparkling Rosé, like the Crémant d’Alsace Rosé, and it should complement the peanut butter and fruit flavour in the jam or jelly. The Cheetos adds cheesy flavours with this food-and-wine pair as well.

#2 Reuben Sandwich, Potato Chips, and Dill Pickle

An Italian Bonarda or Zweigelt red wine would pair best with the sandwich and the tarty acids in the wines go well with the crispy, melty goodness of this food pair.

#3 Top Ramen

Lambrusco and Prosecco, especially their melon and green apple notes, pair best with shrimp or chicken ramen. Strawberry-rhubarb fruit flavours are best paired with beef ramen.

#4 Funnel Cake

A German wine classic, Spätlese Riesling, can go well with this dessert food as the wine’s high acidity cuts through the funnel cake’s fried batter and adds flavour to the cake itself – like having jam on top of it.

#5 Bean and Cheese Burritos

A Sangiovese or Rioja Crianza has tannins that cut nicely on the heavier flavours of this classic street burrito. They also pair best with the cheese and red sauce.

#6 Potato Salad and BBQ Pork

Riesling is best paired with the vinegar BBQ sauce while the Tannat is paired best with sweeter sauces. Both will make a fine pair to the meaty texture and the earthy flavour of the potato salad.

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