While it is common knowledge that most white wines age well for thirty years or more, this wine chart will help you know which wines to drink and which to store for a little while.

Here’s a selection of white wines known to age well:

  • Arinto – they produce rich, beeswax, honeyed, and melon flavours as they age in time.
  • Chardonnay – this wine type with higher acidity (low pH) is aged better and had oak-aging that adds tannin to it.
  • Chenin Blanc – the South African variety is best for starter wine enthusiasts.
  • Riesling – this has a rich yellow tone with a surprising petrol aroma, which is caused by TDN, a unique aroma compound.
  • Rkatsiteli – beeswax and nutty flavours are produced in this wine as it ages.
  • Savatiano – this Greek wine evolves into an exotic, grassy, and nutty white with age.
  • Semillon – this Sauvignon blanc-blended Bordeaux variant has nutty flavours with age.
  • Viura – the citrus flavours of this wine become richer as it ages.

The exception to the rule is knowing the flavour factors and training your palate to distinguish them. Acidity and tannin have varied among white wines, no matter how young or old they have aged. Sweetness is also a helpful indicator of white wine ageing.

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