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CBD and Wine

Can CBD Relax You Better Than Wine?

In the past several years, CBD products such as full spectrum CBD oil in Canada have become increasingly popular. It has become such a huge trend that it has entered the wine market. After all, since it offers many benefits with minimal side effects, it is a good substitute for red wine.
Therefore, many people have been trading their glass of wine for CBD to enjoy mental and physical relaxation without worrying about the adverse effects of alcohol. With that said, continue reading to know why CBD is better for relaxation than wine.
Making You Feel Calm with Minimal to No Side Effects
Even though red …


CBD and Alcohol Can Change Moods and Behavior

Unlike before, CBD oil has become more popular today, especially in Western countries. Some people prefer the best cbd oil for anxiety relief while others take the compound to improve their sleep. Regardless of why people take CBD, its health benefits can’t be denied.
But the big question is whether CBD can be used alongside other substances. While enthusiasts and researchers have tried to answer this question, there is no clear answer yet. Research is still ongoing, and …


How to Apply Wine Tasting Tricks to Vaping

Like wine, different vape juices can taste drastically different from one another, and it all comes down to how you taste them. Luckily, the same wine-tasting tricks you use can be applied to vaping juice. In this post, we’ll cover a few basic tips for how to taste and appreciate vape juice like a pro.
So, if you’re looking to explore all the flavors that your favorite juice has to offer, read on. We’ll discuss wine-tasting tricks that will make vaping even more enjoyable.
The Basics of Wine Tasting
You might not think that wine and vaping have anything in …


CBD and Alcohol: Should You Mix Them?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, has become a superstar in the health and wellness industry. These days, it is not hard to find products infused with CBD, from lip balms to oils to protein bars. It is not surprising to hear that alcohol manufacturers are now venturing into the industry. You will find CBD gummies and even CBD-infused beers and shots on the market nowadays!
However, is it safe to mix the two substances? Keep reading to find out what happens when you do.
Amplification of Effects
Alcohol is best known for reducing inhibitions and …


5 Easy Steps You Can Follow to Make Wine at Home

Brewing wine is not as difficult as it seems! You won’t even need to use special tools when brewing.
You’re good to go with a sharp skill set and simple tools available at home. More than the fun it brings, it will give you a better appreciation for winemaker enthusiasts.
Want to make homemade wine? Just follow these simple steps. This wine-making tutorial is inexpensive and easy to make:
How to Make Homemade Wine
Before we will go into the details of making your own wine, take a look at the video below and learn the basics of how to make homemade Italian wine:
Things you’ll need

Measuring cup
Wine …

Blog Wine Reviews

Wine Beginners Must Try these Five Italian Red Wines

Italy’s most important red wine has its base grape from Chianti Classico. This was first created by Italians in their homes on their DIY grape vines.
The rich, plummy red wine has that high-kick acidity that is produced in the Italian region of Piedmont.
The other proud produce of Piedmont, this wine has some grace to it but produces the same high-kick acidity that brings a bit of pow to every sip.
Super Tuscan IGT
Known as IGT, this wine is proudly Italian and is a product of locally-raised vineyards in the country that are renowned as world-class grape wines.
Sicilian Reds
The …

Blog Wine Reviews

Which is a Better Wine: Filtered or Unfiltered?

Unfiltered wines are a trend in wine drinking nowadays. The natural, back-to-the-roots, organic, and authentic kind of wine is labelled as healthy compared to filtered types. But, is there a difference or significance in choosing wine types?
Filtered vs Unfiltered: What’s the Difference?
Filtered wines are those whose yeasts and microbes, technically raw wine or blind wine, undergo filtration processes. They are similar to popular home water filtration units. The wine is cleared from these unwanted particles and retains its purity before bottling.
Unfiltered wines are those that skip the filtration …

Food and Wine Pairing

Six Comfort Food and Wine Pairs that Will Make You Salivate

Food and wine enthusiasts always see foie gras, charcuterie boards, and fine cheese the best friends to wine, but who has time to make them after a stressful day? Worry not! Here are some quick-and-easy comfort foods you can pair with a bottle of wine that should best conclude a hectic workday:
#1 PB&J with Cheetos
You can pair this with a sparkling Rosé, like the Crémant d’Alsace Rosé, and it should complement the peanut butter and fruit flavour in the jam or jelly. The Cheetos adds cheesy flavours with this food-and-wine pair as well.
#2 Reuben Sandwich, Potato Chips, and Dill Pickle
An Italian Bonarda or Zweigelt red wine would pair best with …

Food and Wine Pairing

Eight Classic Pairs of Cheese and Wine List

These eight pairs of wine and cheese will make you explore the flavours that match with every sip of the most interesting wines in the world.
Malbec and Eldam
This wine-and-cheese combo has aromatic and flavourful characteristics that are not overpowering and result in a great complementary combination of intricate flavours.
Vermentino and Fiore Sardo
The citrus notes of Vermentino and the fatty character of this sheep’s milk cheese enhance one another through their distinct saline flavours.
Chianti Classico and Pecorino Toscano
The secondary notes of the Chianti bring out a herbal flavour in the Pecorino cheese, and the black fruit …

Wine Reviews

The Best Wines for a Sophisticated Date Night

Wine dates are better romantic dates. Wherever you do it, wine dates bring some sophistication that adds an extra good impression for your partner.
If you are planning a wine date, these five wines would add some sexiness to the moment. It also appeals to almost all wine lovers and is highly recommended by many connoisseurs. Note that not all of them are available in your area.
Sparkling Rosé
The best thing about sparkling wines is the carbonation that brings in some drool which will make you salivate over your date and lubricates your mouth for a better conversation.
The calming aroma of this wine is known to relax the nerves and get you …