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Food and Wine Pairing

Six Comfort Food and Wine Pairs that Will Make You Salivate

Food and wine enthusiasts always see foie gras, charcuterie boards, and fine cheese the best friends to wine, but who has time to make them after a stressful day? Worry not! Here are some quick-and-easy comfort foods you can pair with a bottle of wine that should best conclude a hectic workday:
#1 PB&J with Cheetos
You can pair this with a sparkling Rosé, like the Crémant d’Alsace Rosé, and it should complement the peanut butter and fruit flavour in the jam or jelly. The Cheetos adds cheesy flavours with this food-and-wine pair as well.
#2 Reuben Sandwich, Potato Chips, and Dill Pickle
An Italian Bonarda or Zweigelt red wine would pair best with …

Food and Wine Pairing

Eight Classic Pairs of Cheese and Wine List

These eight pairs of wine and cheese will make you explore the flavours that match with every sip of the most interesting wines in the world.
Malbec and Eldam
This wine-and-cheese combo has aromatic and flavourful characteristics that are not overpowering and result in a great complementary combination of intricate flavours.
Vermentino and Fiore Sardo
The citrus notes of Vermentino and the fatty character of this sheep’s milk cheese enhance one another through their distinct saline flavours.
Chianti Classico and Pecorino Toscano
The secondary notes of the Chianti bring out a herbal flavour in the Pecorino cheese, and the black fruit …

Food and Wine Pairing

Six Wine Glasses that Should Rule Them All

When serving wine, its complimentary glassware is an important aspect to know and understand. To make the subject simpler, these six wine glasses will surely make your next wine date impressive alongside knowing which wines should be poured into them.
Flute Glass
This glass is best for sparkling wines like Prosecco. It preserves the bubble finesse in sparkling wines, and it’s also delicate to hold. The challenge is when washing and maintaining this glass, as it topples easily due to poor balance.
Aroma Collector Wine Glass
Popularly known as Burgundy glasses, it does excellently in communicating the wine’s aroma. It’s also impressive to look at. …