When serving wine, its complimentary glassware is an important aspect to know and understand. To make the subject simpler, these six wine glasses will surely make your next wine date impressive alongside knowing which wines should be poured into them.

Flute Glass

This glass is best for sparkling wines like Prosecco. It preserves the bubble finesse in sparkling wines, and it’s also delicate to hold. The challenge is when washing and maintaining this glass, as it topples easily due to poor balance.

Aroma Collector Wine Glass

Popularly known as Burgundy glasses, it does excellently in communicating the wine’s aroma. It’s also impressive to look at. However, it’s not best for sparkling, dry, or lean wines, not to mention it’s quite delicate.

White Wine Glass

The glass helps in maintaining the chillness of the white wine, highlights the citrus and floral aromas, and is easy to clean, maintain, and store. This is not for use with red wines.

Oversized Wine Glass

Known as the Bordeaux glass, it is best used for red wines with high tannin and bold tones. It is hard to clean though, especially if you have bigger hands.

Universal Wine Glass

This glass is best used for spicy and food wines and is also good for red, white, and rose wines.

Dessert Wine Glass

This glass is all about portion control. Most dessert wines are alcohol-rich, so you’ll want them in smaller sips and servings.

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