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Wine Beginners Must Try these Five Italian Red Wines

Italy’s most important red wine has its base grape from Chianti Classico. This was first created by Italians in their homes on their DIY grape vines.
The rich, plummy red wine has that high-kick acidity that is produced in the Italian region of Piedmont.
The other proud produce of Piedmont, this wine has some grace to it but produces the same high-kick acidity that brings a bit of pow to every sip.
Super Tuscan IGT
Known as IGT, this wine is proudly Italian and is a product of locally-raised vineyards in the country that are renowned as world-class grape wines.
Sicilian Reds
The …

Blog Wine Reviews

Which is a Better Wine: Filtered or Unfiltered?

Unfiltered wines are a trend in wine drinking nowadays. The natural, back-to-the-roots, organic, and authentic kind of wine is labelled as healthy compared to filtered types. But, is there a difference or significance in choosing wine types?
Filtered vs Unfiltered: What’s the Difference?
Filtered wines are those whose yeasts and microbes, technically raw wine or blind wine, undergo filtration processes. They are similar to popular home water filtration units. The wine is cleared from these unwanted particles and retains its purity before bottling.
Unfiltered wines are those that skip the filtration …

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Aging Chart for White Wines and Some Best Practices

While it is common knowledge that most white wines age well for thirty years or more, this wine chart will help you know which wines to drink and which to store for a little while.
Here’s a selection of white wines known to age well:

Arinto – they produce rich, beeswax, honeyed, and melon flavours as they age in time.
Chardonnay – this wine type with higher acidity (low pH) is aged better and had oak-aging that adds tannin to it.
Chenin Blanc – the South African variety is best for starter wine enthusiasts.
Riesling – this has a rich yellow tone with a surprising …

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Aging Chart for Red Wines and Some Best Practices

Red wines are age-varied wines. It is a fact that most of them have better ageing than others which is influenced by the variety of grape used to make the wine. Acidity and tannin develop a channel where wine taste improves over time. It is the reason why some wines have a better taste when they’re older than others.
Here are some red wines that have a better taste when they’re older:

Aglianico – this wine is not much faster to age as it takes a decade to produce its compelling tobacco and cured meat flavours.
Cabernet Sauvignon – the best Cabernet has low acidity, balanced levels of alcohol, and tannins that …

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The Best Wines for a Sophisticated Date Night

Wine dates are better romantic dates. Wherever you do it, wine dates bring some sophistication that adds an extra good impression for your partner.
If you are planning a wine date, these five wines would add some sexiness to the moment. It also appeals to almost all wine lovers and is highly recommended by many connoisseurs. Note that not all of them are available in your area.
Sparkling Rosé
The best thing about sparkling wines is the carbonation that brings in some drool which will make you salivate over your date and lubricates your mouth for a better conversation.
The calming aroma of this wine is known to relax the nerves and get you …