CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, has become a superstar in the health and wellness industry. These days, it is not hard to find products infused with CBD, from lip balms to oils to protein bars. It is not surprising to hear that alcohol manufacturers are now venturing into the industry. You will find CBD gummies and even CBD-infused beers and shots on the market nowadays!

However, is it safe to mix the two substances? Keep reading to find out what happens when you do.

Amplification of Effects

Alcohol is best known for reducing inhibitions and promoting relaxation. These things sound similar as CBD is known for the same thing. On top of that, the compound is known to reduce anxiety. Taken together, alcohol and CBD might amplify these effects so much that they can lead to increased drowsiness and even sedation!

Aside from that, research has shown that the combination leads to significant impairments in the perception of time and motor performance. When taking CBD by itself, these effects were not present. More research should be conducted to confirm these results.

Protection Against Side Effects

The truth is that not a lot is known about mixing the two just yet. However, there is promising research saying that CBD can help consumers avoid the negative effects of alcohol. Here are some possible ways they interact, although more research on a larger scale is needed for confirmation:

Prevention of Disease and Cell Damage

Excessive consumption of alcohol causes cell damage and subsequently increases the risk of chronic disease and inflammation. A study showed that the application of CBD gel to rats decreased brain-cell damage from excessive alcohol consumption.

Reduction in Blood Alcohol Levels

When you have a higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC), it means a bigger loss of cognitive function and motor control. There is a small study saying that participants saw significantly lower BAC levels when they took alcohol with 200 mg of CBD instead of with a placebo.

Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

There are also researchers who think CBD can help with the treatment of alcohol use disorder. CBD seems promising at reducing a couple of addiction and withdrawal symptoms. After giving alcohol-addicted rats CBD, there was a reduction in alcohol intake, relapse, and motivation to drink alcohol.

Should They Be Taken Together?

Right now, it is hard to say how exactly alcohol and CBD react to each other. More studies need to be performed to determine how they interact. Another thing to keep in mind is that CBD effects vary per individual. It might be difficult to see whether the combination would affect everyone similarly. The truth is that not much is known about moderate and occasional consumption at the moment.

End Notes

Due to the lack of conclusive results, we do not recommend taking alcohol and CBD together when you are in an uncontrolled environment. If you mix them, use low amounts to reduce the possibility of adverse side effects. Get in touch with a healthcare professional in case you have other concerns.

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