Wine dates are better romantic dates. Wherever you do it, wine dates bring some sophistication that adds an extra good impression for your partner.

If you are planning a wine date, these five wines would add some sexiness to the moment. It also appeals to almost all wine lovers and is highly recommended by many connoisseurs. Note that not all of them are available in your area.

Sparkling Rosé

The best thing about sparkling wines is the carbonation that brings in some drool which will make you salivate over your date and lubricates your mouth for a better conversation.


The calming aroma of this wine is known to relax the nerves and get you settled on for new conversations with someone. The fruit flavours are adding confidence to both of you that helps in getting to know one another.

French Rosé

Whether you have Côtes de Provence or Tavel Rosé, this wine is the best pair for any kind of date food alongside its rich flavour that slips incredibly on the tongue.


The higher alcohol content in this wine adds up to confidence in speaking out your thoughts. However, the 14.5% ABV is no good when taken too much, so it is best for light sips after a sumptuous date food.


If you have a hard time starting a conversation with your date, this wine would bring out some ideas or talk about your knowledge of wine. Best of all, this wine has great vintages that should make a good first impression with someone you like.

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