Red wines are age-varied wines. It is a fact that most of them have better ageing than others which is influenced by the variety of grape used to make the wine. Acidity and tannin develop a channel where wine taste improves over time. It is the reason why some wines have a better taste when they’re older than others.

Here are some red wines that have a better taste when they’re older:

  • Aglianico – this wine is not much faster to age as it takes a decade to produce its compelling tobacco and cured meat flavours.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – the best Cabernet has low acidity, balanced levels of alcohol, and tannins that are noticeable at first glance.
  • Merlot – this wine becomes smoky and softer as it ages. Bordeaux is the place to age this wine variety.
  • Monastrell – it also takes ten years to produce its peppery, rich, rustic flavours.
  • Nebbiolo – the high tannin of this wine softens and becomes sweeter over time.
  • Sangiovese – this wine has sweet figgy notes as it mellows out in time.
  • Tempranillo – this wine is one of the varieties known to taste better as it ages more.
  • Xinomavro – it delivers high red tannin as it ages over time.

The exception to this “older wine, better taste” rule is on the balance of taste factors such as fruit flavour, acidity, tannin, and alcohol. A moderate level of each creates better taste than imbalanced taste factors.

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