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Q: Do I have to travel to attend the course?

A: Everything is offered online. Except for the live wine tasting event, which is optional but a great experience for all wine enthusiasts, our resources are accessible online, so you can learn about wine anywhere in the world….

Q: Do I have to pay much for the course?

A: While all our resources value at over $2,000, we don’t offer them that high. However, you will still get the same quality of learning from our courses without breaking the bank. For a one-time payment of $600, you can get all of our resources in this comprehensive wine course plus lifetime access to all of them. Also, you can pay in instalments at $210 per month for three months….

Q: What is included in this wine course?

A: This wine course offers five modules and workbooks for each module. It also offers forty video tutorials, six wine-cuisine pairing guides, five podcast playlists, fifty videos on wine tasting, and a bunch of perks including lifetime access to the resources and support plus exclusive access to wine tasting events in the country….