What Do You Want to Know about Wines?

It is an alcoholic drink, but it’s so much more than just a drink. Learning more about wine is knowing which kind pairs best with your meal or which bottle is best for the occasion. You can also learn how wines are made, the time they are distilled or stored, and how it affects their quality and taste.

How can our wine guide help you get started with wines?

We can be your portal to learning the art of wines. Our resources can help you with:

  • Knowing food pairs with the wine available in your price range
  • Wine tasting and distinguishing wine varieties through our online classes

Who are We?

We are advocates of wines and their immense knowledge. Whether you are starting to learn about wine or wanting to increase your knowledge about it, we can help you. We believe that everyone can learn so much about wine and how they are served for every occasion. We offer courses, wine guides, and news about wines and winemaking that will make you more interested in wines.

Who is Jane Calona of Calona Vineyards?

Jane Calona is a wine enthusiast who does several write-ups about wines. She does several reviews on every wine there is and does them without missing the tasting part. The Calona Vineyards is her paradise when it comes to making the best wines, and this wine guide will help everyone enjoy the same as her while learning wine and everything there is to know about it.