Unlike before, CBD oil has become more popular today, especially in Western countries. Some people prefer the best cbd oil for anxiety relief while others take the compound to improve their sleep. Regardless of why people take CBD, its health benefits can’t be denied.

But the big question is whether CBD can be used alongside other substances. While enthusiasts and researchers have tried to answer this question, there is no clear answer yet. Research is still ongoing, and there is hope that the findings will solve the puzzle.

You might be wondering if you should take CBD oil after taking alcohol or wine or if you should take them together. You may also have witnessed friends taking CBD oil and beers in entertainment joints. Let’s find out.

Is it Advisable to Take Alcoholic Drinks Together with CBD Oil?

Even if some people take CBD oil with alcohol, there is no concrete information on the implication of mixing the two. Past research on this subject focused on the effects of CBD on humans and animals. Therefore, there is no clear information on the effect of mixing CBD and alcohol on humans or animals.

Some researchers claim that CBD intensifies the effect of alcohol on the body. They claim that CBD intensifies the feeling of relaxation caused by alcohol in the body.

When alcohol is taken together with CBD, it intensifies the effect of alcohol on the body; the same can be said about alcohol. Consequently, you may experience excessive daytime sleepiness or sedation.

According to research, mixing CBD oil with alcohol can also change moods and behavior. However, most of these researches are outdated because they used large amounts of CBD than most people use today.

CBD Can Offset the Effects of Alcohol

On the other hand, recent studies had promising results as they showed that CBD could offset the adverse effects of alcohol on the body.

One of those recent studies showed that CBD oil could protect the body cells from damage caused by alcohol. Additionally, CBD lowers the alcohol concentration in the blood and reduces withdrawal symptoms.

Researchers argued that alcohol is associated with adverse effects like inflammation and chronic diseases. However, the effect of alcohol on the body is minimal when individuals consume alcohol together with CBD oil.

Considering that CBD is available over the counter in some states today, some traders offer drinks mixed with CBD. You may find beers that have CBD oil flavors in entertainment joints.

You can freely use CBD oil as you drink alcohol in some states. However, experts recommend taking only small amounts of CBD and alcohol at a time because the research findings about the effect of CBD on alcohol and vice versa are not conclusive.

It appears that both alcohol and CBD oil intensify each other’s side effects. Taking CBD together with alcohol in high doses may cause sedation or excessive sleepiness. Therefore, it is not advisable to use them together in high doses.

However, the effect of taking both substances will be known once more research is done.

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