The business of the T-shirt and custom hoodies designing industry covers vast categories of jobs. These jobs include:

  • T-shirt designers who conceptualize the initial design idea
  • Digital or graphic designers who work on the computers
  • People who print the T-shirt designs through a developed printer

Some shirt designers work for huge companies and corporations who sell T-shirts or they even have their custom T-shirt shop, which also has equal accountability for advertising and merchandising the shirts. Since there are different kinds of T-shirt designers based on their unique art style and designs, educational credentials and technology proficiency make the industry operate well. The average yearly earnings of these T-shirt designers are somehow average when contrasted to the other jobs that also exist around the corporate world.

Earnings and Eligibility

According to a website that talks about jobs, as of 2013, the average yearly earnings of a shirt designer was roughly $40,000. For those who would like to create T-shirt designs for fashion corporations normally require a bachelor’s degree in fashion designing or even just an associate degree. If the applicant wants to be an employee who works on digital or graphic works for the initial design of the T-shirts, he or she is required to obtain a degree in fine arts or graphic design. But, since the current advances in graphic printing technology software for computers are growing hastily, some aspiring shirt designers might only be required to have high school diplomas to be able to gain experience in working at T-shirt printing companies. This software includes:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Design Sense
  • After Effects

Earnings by State or District

In all of the United States of America, the average yearly earnings for T-shirt designers are not the same if you will compare them from each other. Here are the numbers from certain states in the US that were recorded in the year 2013:

  • New York – $46,000
  • Washington D.C. – $45,000
  • California – $43,000
  • Connecticut – $42,000
  • Ohio – $37,000
  • Oklahoma – $36,000
  • South Carolina – $35,000

Contributing Factors

Those T-shirt designers who promote and sell their custom T-shirts might potentially have the highest amount of income because their sales are normally based on the number of shirts that they print and sell. These businessmen could trade their ideas, concepts, and designs to producers, bulk-buying consumers who resell them, or they could distribute to smaller retail shops. These imaginative experts undeniably gain more income from the shirts with their practical knowledge, because yearly income growth can increase their wages. Bigger companies provide higher salaries to employers compared to smaller ones because they can pay more, especially the state of New York.

Employment Viewpoint

The United States’ Bureau of Labor Statistics does not announce employment availability for shirt designers, but only to the linked area like fashion and graphic designing. If a designer wants to find more possibilities in finding a job that fits his skills, it is better if he has practical knowledge in advertising T-shirts, because it is a trending idea in the field of graphic design.

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